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Meera Ali Al Jallaf

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ALI AL JALLAF, Founder of the organization, is the former Head of Abu Dhabi Criminal Investigation Department and the former Head of Interpol in UAE. His efficiency in maintaining law and order was appreciated by the department. His interest in law paved the way to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Law, Certificate from Judicial Institute, Bachelor of Police Sciences, Diploma in forensic and forensic evidence and Higher Diploma from Saudi Criminal Institute.

During his professional life in police department he had completed the following courses. Criminal Investigation Course from Scotland Yard Police London, Advanced course in homicide investigation from U.K, Biosecurity Course from Australia, Course of Art and Management from France, Flight break- in and hostage release from Germany, Advanced leadership course, The art of negotiation with the kidnappers from Germany, VIP safeguard course from Norway, The art of foot and foot hunt from Australia.

As a lawyer, He has experience in local laws and he is professional in Criminal, Civil, Labor and Commercial laws.


MEERA ALI AL JALLAF, CEO of the organization holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and is a fully licensed advocate having experience in Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in the UAE. After completing her graduation she worked for many years in the Mashreq Bank. Through her years of legal practice she has acquired vast experience in the local laws and court practices.

As a lawyer, she believes each case is unique and requires its own individual plan and approach. Her colleagues praise her for ability to break down complex issues, and to effectively present them before the court. She is known for her meticulous preparation of cases and she has developed a strong reputation in her field as a dedicated and conscientious lawyer.

Mr. Hazim Hawamdeh
Legal Director
Jordanian lawyer having experience since 1997, is a member of Bar Association Jordan. He has extensive experience in legal drafting, legal writing & pleadings and he is also specialized in drafting all kinds of contracts.
Mr. Ansari Sainudeen
Legal Director
Indian Lawyer started his legal profession in Kerala in the year 1999 and later shifted to the U.A.E and continues his legal practice for the past 18 years in Abu Dhabi. He is specialized in Criminal, Civil, Labor & Corporate laws and also in Legal contracts and Arbitration.
Mr. Jobin Mathew John
Legal Advisor
Indian Lawyer, having professional experience since 2009 started his legal career in Kerala High Court and Sessions Courts, holding Master’s Degree from U.K. He specialized in Corporate, Civil & Criminal laws and also in Wills and Contracts. He has vast experience in dealing with business & individual clients in the U.A.E. He also has thorough knowledge in U.A.E procedural laws.
Mrs. Ruksana Yasid
Legal Advisor
Indian Lawyer, started legal profession in the year 2016, experienced in Indian & UAE laws. She has profound knowledge in the related field viz. Property, Consumer, Commercial, Contracts, Agreements and others. She is specializing in legal drafting & also a good negotiator. She finalizes simple and complex Agreements, Contracts and MoUs.
Sabry Ibrahim
Legal Researcher
Egyptian lawyer, started legal profession in 2015, experienced in UAE laws and Legal procedures. He specializes in drafting memorandums & agreements. He is well versed in U.A.E court proceedings.
Meera Ali Al Jallaf

Meera Ali Al Jallaf Law firm established in Abu Dhabi UAE, to provide legal services to corporates, bringing in rich experience to deliver its services to select business clientele comprising Banks & financial institution...

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