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Meera Ali Al Jallaf Lawyers & Legal Consultants is a Law Firm established in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to provide legal services to corporates, bringing in rich experience to deliver its services to business clientele comprising Banks & financial institutions, Construction & Contracting companies, Oil & Gas sectors, Commercial Establishments, Insurance companies, Hospitality sector, Government sectors, Real estate sector, Group of companies and Individuals as well. Meera Ali Al Jallaf Lawyers & Legal Consultants has since grown in size.

In line with our Vision “To be one of the top ten leading law firms” in the Middle East, Meera Ali Al Jallaf Lawyers & Legal Consultants work as a team of experts fueled by the success and experience gained during fourteen years of providing legal services in the local market and in the legal sector.

Our Law firm's Mission statement "To Protect our clients' interests, defend them and maintain their rights" to reach client satisfaction through touching their needs and protecting their interests and to focus on quality of the legal service in both local and international laws.

Our office is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, making it very convenient for our clients to visit us for meetings, supported by a strong team of legal professionals striving hard to ensure satisfaction of our esteemed corporate & individual clients.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to establish a complementary collaborative legal system, building a civilized community and aiming to leave an everlasting positive impact on companies and individuals.

Our Mission

We are working to elevate the standard legal aspect practice, helping companies and individuals to make the right decisions through our extensive legal support and services.

Our value

We build dynamic relationships between us and our clients, whether they are individual clients or companies. Our partnership with our clients is driven by the added value we bring on the table, offering the Client unlimited support: achieving a longstanding relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

Deals With

Public International Law

It is the law which contains the regulatory rules of the relationships of states between each other in cases of peace, war and neutrality.

Constitutional Law

It is the essential legislation which contains the set of legal rules that explain the form of a state (united, federal) and the governance regime.

Administrative Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate the activity of the executive authority of the tasks thereof and the method in which it performs the functions thereof.

Financial Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate the financial status of a state, explaining its revenue, how the same are collected, and how the same are being spent.

Criminal Law

It is the set of objective rules which determine crimes and the punishments resolved for each crime, in addition also to the penal rules ought to be followed.

Private Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate the relations between ordinary persons themselves or between them and the state in its capacity as an ordinary person.

Civil Law

It is the set of objective legal rules which regulate private relations between individuals and their alike, with the exception to what would fall within the scope of another branch of law.

Personal Affairs Law

It is the set of rules with regulate an individual's relation with his/her family.

Commercial Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate business and merchants' activity in undertaking their trade.

Marine and Aviation Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate the relations arising from marine and aerial navigation.

Labor Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate the legal relationship between an employee and an employer.

Civil and Commercial Pleadings Law

It is the set of legal rules which regulate the judiciary authority and the procedures ought to be followed for filing cases, adjudicating the same and the execution of legal judgments.

Private International Law

It is the set of legal rules which govern nationality, domicile and the position of foreigners, in addition to the determination of the legal jurisdiction of courts in the state.

Liability / Obligation

It is a legal bond of a financial nature, between two persons or more, one of them is a debtor which is obliged to pay an amount of debt to the other party which is the creditor in the subject of liability, which is granting, doing or failing to do a certain thing.

Penal Liability

It is the liability the source of which is an offence under which the victim may demand a compensation for such damage, and the liable party shall pay compensation without its consent because it is the one who caused such harm to the other.

Civil Liability

It is the liability in which the harmed party has the authority to resort to the court for the execution thereof because it involves a penalty, such as a creditor party may resort to the court to enforce the payment of an amount of money thereto. Natural Liability: It is a moral duty which cannot be implemented through the court. Contractual Liability: It is a liability arising from the creditor's contract with a debtor, under which the debtor is liable to pay the amount of such liability to the creditor.

Non-Contractual Liability

It is a liability falling on the burden of a person without entering a contract for the same.

Formal Contracts

Are contracts which need, in addition to mutual consent between parties, an exception in one form or more, especially in mutual contracts which are made by the mere agreement of both intentions. In the absence of formality, these are constituted by the mere exchange of mutual consent between both parties.

Mutual Consent

It is the mutual expression by both parties of their intention during an action that takes place based on the consent of either party (acceptance) based on the suggestion of the other party.


A crime the subject of which is the unrightfully takeover of the money of others using one of the methods of fraud and deceit.

Reasons of the Termination of Liability

Reasons that lead to the termination of a liability after had appropriate arisen.


A non-merchant debtor's inability to pay its debts.


The status of the merchant debtor's suspension to pay its debts as payable, with an issuance of a judgment in the bankruptcy thereof.


It is one of the methods of challenge against court judgments, which the rival would resort to in the cases provided in the regulations, in order to revoke a judgment by the court issuing the same, so that it can proceed in the dispute again before the same court or another court according to the provisions of the regulations.

Authorization / Delegation

An action by which a person (the principal) would authorize another person (the agent I the proxy), which may consist of several persons, to perform a certain act with others, while the effects of such act would inure to the principal. Immediately.

Will /Testimony

drafting of non-Muslim wills.

Annual Consultation

Providing annual legal consultation for companies.

Meera Ali Al Jallaf

Meera Ali Al Jallaf Law firm established in Abu Dhabi UAE, to provide legal services to corporates, bringing in rich experience to deliver its services to select business clientele comprising Banks & financial institution...

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